TV Year in Review


Television has been in a golden age for the last several years since we have hundreds of locations in which to partake our favorite shows whether it be weekly, monthly or binging in one sitting.

A couple of years ago, I made the decision that with the TV section of the Year in Review, there were just too many shows eligible for the list and that it was impossible to narrow it down.  So I made the executive decision to split the TV category into four sections.  They were Network, Cable, Streaming, and YouTube.

Now I made a couple of adjustments this year.  I moved the networks HBO, Showtime, Starz etc to the cable group instead of streaming.  I did take YouTube Red (or whatever it is called now) and made it the streaming.  I know that seems odd, but I don’t think that putting YouTube Red series against the ones on YouTube proper was fair.

Then, this year, my consumption of television dropped significantly.  There were a ton of TV shows that would have made lists in the past that I just did not follow on even a semi-regular basis.  These shows included The Big Bang Theory, American Horror Story, Preacher, How to Get Away With Murder, House of Cards, 13 Reasons Why, Ghosted, Legion, Mr. Robot among others.  My time is just limited and I cannot watch all of these shows.

So that is the rules for the television section of this Year in Review.  So we shall begin.

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