2018 in WWE


2018 was not the best year in the world of the WWE.  In fact, the shows we slipping in quality each week, but it seemed as if the WWE would rebound enough to provide top entertainment.  The consistency was a problem.  Here then is a bunch of the awards for the WWE.

Related imageWrestler of the Year:  Tommasso Ciampa.

Ciampa was a huge star in NXT this year.  His efforts in the brand were out of this world.  He finished the season as the best heel, one of the best performers and a superstar in the ring.

He has been so amazing in 2018, Tommasso drove the story all year long.  Few wrestlers have the heat that Ciampa has and he is just tremendous.  I hope they never take him off NXT because the WWE main rosters would waste this guy’s talent like so many other stars.  Runners-Up:  Johnny Gargano, A.J. Styles, Roman Reigns, Daniel Bryan, Braun Strowman, Samoa Joe


Related imagePerformer of the Year.  Johnny Gargano.  Johnny Wrestling’s name is all over the top 15 matches of the year list as few performers have had a better string of matches as Johnny Gargano has had.  Here is another man who should never leave NXT.  The RAW and Smackdown divisions do not deserve Gargano and they have no idea on how to use him.  In NXT, he is the best performer in all of WWE.  Runners-Up: A.J. Styles, Seth Rollins, Charlotte Flair, Ronda Rosuey, Daniel Bryan, Velveteen Dream


Related imageTeam of the Year:  The Bar.  Sheamus and Cesaro won the triple threat match last night at TLC and, with that, became the Team of the Year.  These two men have done an amazing job of working together and becoming more than the sum of their parts.  Cesaro is unbelievably talented and Sheamus plays off him as well as anyone.  They can create such storytelling.  Runners-Up:  The Usos, New Day, AoP, Mustache Mountain, Brey Wyatt and Matt Hardy, The B Team.


Image result for rousey and LynchWoman of the Year:  (TIE):  Ronda Rousey and Becky Lynch.  I could not make a choice between these two.  Ronda was on her way to this award because she has come into WWE and shown an unbelievable ability to become a wrestler.  She is a natural.  Then, Becky Lynch became “The Man” and organically made the fans embrace her like no other.  Lynch has a chance to be the next Stone Cold Steve Austin.  These two are heading for a showdown at Wrestlemania, possibly. Runners-Up:  Charlotte Flair, Alexa Bliss, Nia Jax, Asuka, Natalya


Related imageCruiserweight of the Year:  Cedric Alexander.  Cedric had a great CW championship reign but the chase for the title was even more strong.  Alexander is the star in the division. Runners-Up:  Buddy Murphy, Mustafa Ali.



Image result for heymanManager of the Year: Paul Heyman.  Or I guess he is an advocate.  Paul Heyman is the greatest.  I love Heyman so much. He is given the job of promoting Brock Lesnar matches with his words because Lesnar does not get to appear that much.  And Heyman is brilliant in his work.  Runners-Up:  Drake Maverick, Paul Ellering.


Image result for aj stylesFace of the Year:  A.J. Styles.  He was WWE champion for a long time and he fought the good fight all year long.  Styles fought the evil Samoa Joe, the New Daniel Bryan, Shinsuke Nakamura and took plenty of shots to the family jewels.  AJ has become one of the greatest superstars in wrestling.  Runners-Up:  Seth Rollins, Johnny Gargano, Ronda Rousey, The New Day, Roman Reigns.


Related imageHeel of the Year:  Tommasso Ciampa.  Easy.  Ciampa might be the best heel in the world of wrestling.  He is just hated in NXT.  He is amazing to watch and you want to cheer for him, but you do not.  You want to see Ciampa get his butt kicked but he always gets away.  Ciampa is amazing.  Runners-Up:  Samoa Joe, Becky Lynch, The New Daniel Bryan, Brock Lesnar, The Miz.



Related imageBest Heel Turn:  The New Daniel Bryan.  Who saw the turn of one of the most popular stars from the last several years coming?  Not only is Bryan one of the greatest faces of the last decade, he made a triumphant return to the ring after being told that he could not do it again.  So when he kicked AJ Styles in the balls, the world gasped.  Then, he shows us how a villainous heel should be played.  Runners-Up:  Dolph Ziggler, Johnny Gargano, Dean Ambrose.


Image result for sasha and bayleyWorst Heel Turn:  Bayley/Sasha Banks.  The problem here was that they weren’t sure what to do. This turn started and stopped multiple times.  Plus, no one was sure exactly who turned on the other.  Who was supposed to be the heel?  It was discarded almost immediately.  Runners-Up:  Becky Lynch, Braun Strowman, The Big Show


Image result for ronda rouseyRookie of the Year:  Ronda Rousey.  The easiest choice on this list.  Ronda has arrived in the WWE and has exceeded all expectations.  Her mike skills were weaker when she started, but even they have been getting better.  Her in-ring ability has been shocking at how good they are.  She is the most believable performer in the WWE.



PPV of the Year:  NXT Takeover: War Games II.  Only five matches but three of them are match of the year consideration.  Runners-Up:  All of the Takeovers.

Worst PPV:  Crown Jewel.  Nuff said about this Saudi Arabian travesty.

Biggest Waste of Talent:  Bobby Roode.  He went from the NXT champion as a heel to a face on Smackdown and that was a huge mistake.  They turned him face because the crowd loved his theme song.

Best Announcer:  Mauro Ranallo.  Mama Mia!  The NXT shows are so much better because of Mauro’s calls.

Best Color Commentator:  Corey Graves.  Graves is a lot of fun and very intelligent.

Saddest Moment:  Roman Reigns.  Reigns announcing his fight with leukemia returned was one of the saddest and more real moments of the year.

Happiest Moment:  Daniel Bryan.  When Bryan came back and announced that he was cleared to wrestle again, the world celebrated.

Most Annoying:  Lio Rush.  “Lashley” “Lashley” “Lashley”-  what else could be more annoying?

Next Big Thing:  Pete Dunne.  The WWE United Kingdom Champion is a young man who has a huge future ahead of him.

Most Over:  Becky Lynch.  More popular than any WWE star right now.  Becky could not be more over than she is right now.

Breakout Star of the Year: Becky Lynch.  She is the future of the WWE.  She organically came through the fans.

2019 Future Breakout: Drew McIntyre.  I think McIntyre is a World Champion in 2019.  Mark it down.


Next up:  Top 15 Matches of the Year

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