Old Man Hawkeye#12

Old Man Hawkeye #12 (Of 12)-Georgetown Comics

Old Man Hawkeye #12

“Justice is Blind”

Writer:  Ethan Sacks

Artist:  Francesco Mobili

Cover Art:  Marco Checchetto

The finale of the twelve-issue maxi series featuring Clint Barton on his path to the place he was in at the beginning of Old Man Logan.

Fact is that Old Man Hawkeye has been one of the best comics of the year and this conclusion, which sees a blind Hawkeye facing off with Bullseye, is just awesome.  This series never let down from the beginning and has just brought it each and every issue.

The tale of Clint Barton on his vengeance quest worked so well and the future iterations of the Marvel Universe characters was always fascinating.

What is even better, the final page of Old Man Hawkeye #12 hints that there is yet another year before Barton meets up with Old Man Logan and maybe we can get another Old Man Hawkeye series.  I loved the final page of this book and the shock of the mystery cameo (which I will not spoil) was spot on.  It would be a wonderful story to tell.  So Marvel Comics… get on that as soon as you can.

Until then, Old Man Hawkeye is a series that you must search out, if you have not been reading it yet, and see it from issue one.


Old Man Hawkeye #12 (Of 12)-Georgetown Comics

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