EYG Schmoedown Awards 2018

To go along with the Matches of the Year, the Schmoedown has many awards to be given out.  Again, there are SPOILERS here for the Schmoedown Spectacular III.  Go watch it!

On Patreon, the Schmoedown provides exhibition matches for its patreons.  Here are the Top 5 of the year.

Exhibition Matches of the Year

#5.  Mark Ellis vs. Kristian Harloff

#4.  Rachel Cushing vs. William Bibbiani vs. John Rocha vs. Samm Levine vs. Marc Andreyko

#3.  The Jurassic Park Iron Man

#2.  Horror Fatal Five Way

#1.  Movie Release Dates Iron Man

Scot Mantz regained the Movie Release Dates slice from Ben Bateman in this exciting and impressive exhibition of movie release date knowledge.

Player of the Year:  Ethan Erwin.  From out of nowhere.  I did not expect him to win, but with his title win over Rocha at the Spectacular, his 8-1 record and his amazing resume this year, he shot past the other contenders.  Runners-Up:  Samm Levine, John Rocha, William Bibbiani, Clarke Wolfe, Marc Andreyko.

Rookie of the Year:  Ethan Erwin.  Again, this was right down to the wire, but with Ethan’s title win and Mara’s defeat at Spectacular, Erwin’s status as Rookie of the Year was cemented.  Runner-Up: Mara Knopic.

Manager of the Year:  Emma Fyffe.  The Fyffe Club was just fantastic all year long and Emma was the consistent voice of her faction.  Runners-Up:  Finstock, Jay Washington, Roxy Striar

Faction of the Year: The Fyffe Club.  Not even close.  The Fyffe Club showed to be the most supportive group even put together.  They are legitimately friends and their chemistry comes through.  Runners-Up:  The 5 Horsemen, The Lion’s Club

Team of the Year: The Shirewolves.  The Internet did not want to give them their due, but they kept fighting and overcame the misogyny to end the year 5-0 and team champions. Runners-Up: Above the Line, Who’s the Boss, The Harris Brothers, Team Action

Face of the Year:  Rachel Cushing.  This was a tough category, but Rachel showed the perseverance and the heart required of a face all year long.  Runners-Up:  Clarke Wolfe, Marc Andreyko, Samm Levine, Dan Murrell

Heel of the Year:  Andrew Ghai.  Kalinowski almost made his way to this award, but the Spectacular showed that Ghai is unparalleled in the world of bad guys.  His spear of his friend and partner Ben Bateman was an unexpected twist.  Runners-Up: Mike Kalinowski, Jay Washington, Finstock

Moment of the Year:  The 5 Horsemen revealed.  This is the biggest moment of the Schmoedown’s year.  Everything came together perfectly here and the live crowd and the Internet lost their freakin’ minds.  Runners-Up:  Shirewolves win titles, Ghai beats Murrell, McWeeney reacts to win, Samm Levine shows up when no one gets his character from Inglorious Basterds, Ghai spears Bateman.

Shock of the Year:  Andrew Ghai wins!  It was a foregone conclusion that Dan Murrell would defeat Andrew Ghai in Murrell’s return match.  However, Ghai had other ideas.  This is the upset of all-time and solidified Ghai as the best heel going.  Runners-Up:  Ghai spears Bateman, Kristian is Chairman of the Board, Ghai comes out to Murrell’s music at Free 4 All.  

Best Cosplay/Costume:  Jeanine the Machine as Misty Knight.  Her bionic arm looked downright real.  It was an amazing outfit and I looked forward to what she will bring moving ahead.  Runners-Up:  Brianne Chandler from GLOW, Stacy Howard as Edward Scissorhands, the Bill & Ted double outfits.

Top 5 Entrances (more than just an outfit/costume)

#5.  Shirewolves as Thor and Hela.

#4.  Seibold/Heuck in black and white “summoning”

#3.  Girls Run the World, Shirewolves at Schmoedown Spectacular III

#2.  William “The Beast” Bibbiani explodes out of the chest of Mark Reilly

#1.  William “The Beast” Bibbiani with the MST3K entrance.

I never thought anything would top the Alien homage, but “The Beast” did it with an extended and really funny MST3K opening skit.

Backstage Interviews:  The Founding Fathers after loss.  There were tears everywhere, even from Jenn Sterger, as John Rocha and Dan Murrell showed their passion after a controversial defeat.  Runners-Up:  Bibbiani from the future, Shirewolves’ historic win, Josh Macuga and Jenn Sterger-Wildberries!, Bibbiani facing off with Rocha, Who’s the Boss gracious in defeat.

Best Interviewer:  Jenn Sterger.  She became the regular backstage interviewer this season and she showed why.  She was awesome with everything.  She asked the tough questions.  She engaged with the contestants.  She brought humor, wit and charisma.  Runners-Up:  Emma Fyffe, Brianne Chandler



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