2018 Expendables Award for Acting Excellence


Image result for ivan dragoBest Expendable Supporting Actor Dolph Lundgren, Creed II.  He is back as Ivan Drago in this year’s sequel, Creed II, and he is surprisingly good.  Drago is given some stuff to do in the story and Lundgren is great.





Image result for bedlam deadpool 2Best Expendable Cameo of the yearTerry Crews, Bedlam.  Deadpool 2/Once Upona  Deadpool.  A member of the ill-fated X-Force in Deadpool 2, Terry Crews meets a shocking and unexpected fate.




Image result for ronda rouseyBest Expendable Professional WrestlerRonda Rousey, WWE RAW Women’s Champion.  Ronda has taken to the WWE beautifully, showing off her athleticism all year long.  She is still working on those promos though.



Related imageBest Expendable Actor with Gigantic SharkJason Statham, The Meg.  It takes a special kind of Expendable to be able to tangle with a gigantic, thoguht to be extinct dinosaur-like shark, but Jason Statham can do it.




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