Meme and Podcast of the Year- 2018

Here at EYG we love a good meme.  And 2018 had its share.  There were some good ones, from a frustrated LeBron James to #SluggoIsLit.  From Yodeling Boy at Wal-Mart to Gritty.  Baby Shark to Distracted Boyfriend.  We saw Theresa May dancing, a Royal Wedding, and the stupidity of the Tide Pod Challenge.  And could you change his mind?  Is it Yanny or Laurel?

However, the dankest of dank memes for the year 2018?


Obama Portrait!


Image result for obama portrait memes

Image result for obama portrait memes



Podcast of the Year


Everybody has a podcast these days.  Now, I did not count those podcasts that have YouTube videos as well (such as Collider Live, Fatman Beyond etc) .  Audio only here.  Here are the top three…

#3.  E & C’s Pod of Awesomeness

Image result for edge and christian podcast


#2. Critically Acclaimed

Image result for critically acclaimed podcast


Image result for the top 10 rocha and knost#1.  The Top 10 Show

Every Tuesday, I tune in for the great movie discussions between John Rocha and Matt Knost.  They both bring a top 10 list, compare them and then combine them into a list for the show. It is engaging, entertaining and funnier than hell with two of the most charismatic and funny individuals around.  And they have recommended several great movies that I have had a chance to see.  Thanks to Matt and John for their time and their efforts.


Image result for the top 10 rocha and knost


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