EYG Top 25 WORST Movies of 2018


Here it is.  The Top 25 WORST Movies of 2018.  I was uncertain what was going to be number one on this list until just recently when one film leaped dramatically to the top of the list.

As always, when I compile these lists, my original star rating/score is only one of the considerations I take to determine the final placement.  Movies change over time.  Some get better and some get worse upon reflection.  Those star ratings are only used to help formulate a general placement.

As all movies are subjective, you may disagree with some of my choices.  That is fine.  I wouldn’t expect anything less.  This is my list.

And, of course, I do not include those films that I have not seen.  One major film was missing: Gotti.  It never came around here in the cinema and I just did not want to pay for it on streaming services or iTunes.  So if it is a terrible movie and you do not see it here, I may not have seen it.

Dishonorable MentionNight School, Red Sparrow, Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

Top 25 Worst Movies of 2018

#25.  Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald.  Confusing and dull.  Worst than the original that I did not like that much.

#24.  The Predator.  Wow, when you hear Shane Black was doing a new Predator movie, you start to expect goodness.  Unfortunately there is no goodness to be had.

#23.  Mile 22.  Mark Wahlberg plays a rotten person who is a big time jerk, but you are supposed to cheer for him on this mission to take this guy to the airport, 22 miles away.  I hated the character and the film was pretty dull as well.

#22.  Nobody’s Fool.  Tiffany Haddish in a unfunny comedy that spiraled off into way too many directions.  Whoopi Goldberg gives a good performance in this stinker.

#21.  Mortal Engines.  London on wheels!  A sci-fi futuristic movie that is way too boring despite some interesting concepts.  The characters are wastes and I did not care for much of anything.

#20.  The Darkest Minds.  They are not the X-Men!  A YA adaptation of a young group of heroes with powers that are being chased by the government because they were dangers.  The film is bad and truly wishes for it to be full of mutants.

#19.  Forever My Girl.  Sappy film about a country music star who comes back home to discover that his old girlfriend had given birth to his daughter and never told him.  Predictable and cruel-spirited.

#18.  Dog Days.  Manipulation using dogs is not a new concept and this won’t be the last time we see it. There are like five or six stories going on in this movie and have characters that have no chance of being real.  The dialogue is ridiculous.  So is the movie.

#17.  Gringo.  David Oyelowo is Harold and he is a middle management man and he is sent to Mexico by his crooked bosses on business.  While there, David gets kidnapped and it becomes a slapstick “comedy.”  Stupid and unfunny.

#16.  Best F(r)iends.  As a movie this is really bad, but it falls into the category, like The Room, of Tommy Wiseau films so bad it is fun.  The second part of this movie (yes, it was two parts) was shown this year and it was amazingly head-shakingly bad.

#15.  Death Wish.  Bruce Willis, on full auto pilot, in a remake that had no need to be done of a film that the original was not one of my favorites anyway.  This came out in a time when the gun violence may not be the best message to provide.

#14.  Blumhouse’s Truth or Dare.  One of the bad horror movies of the year.  There is so many dumb things going on here that it is hard to even put it into words.  Don’t play truth or dare because you will die.  The characters are so stupid it is hard to care if any of them survived.

#13.  Winchester.  Another bad horror movie, this time about the real haunted Winchester mansion.  The awesome Helen Mirren is here but totally wasted as Sarah Winchester and the scares are lesser than it should be.  A film that could have been so much better than it was.

#12.  The 15:17 to Paris.  Clint Eastwood cast the real life people who were involved in this incident as the leads of his film.  These people may be heroes, but they are not actors.  The story itself is strung out too long and then Eastwood wants to focus on the characters and asks too much.  Pretty boring.

#11.  Hotel Transylvania 3.  I am not a fan of Adam Sandler films and this just falls into the same category as the others.  It is predictable and stupid.  I suppose it might be fine for the young children, but I like the animation that raises the level for kids instead of playing down to them.

#10.  Fifty Shades Freed.  The final film of the trilogy and I had to debate if I wanted to go to it.  I decided to finish the trilogy instead of skipping this.  This was bad, but on the positive, it was not the worst of the three.  It was much better than the last one.

#9.  Nutcracker and the Four Realms.  This was so boring.  It had one of the classic stories of Christmastime and it had to try to make it into a fantasy film in the vein of Narnia or Alice in Wonderland.  Terrible.

#8.  Slenderman.  Beware the Slenderman, because there will be a jump scare.  It is not that scary and it is a huge step down from the documentary of the real life situation that was way more tense and suspenseful than this film was.

#7.  The Possession of Hannah Grace.  A dead body creeping around a morgue and it really does not have anything to do with a possession outside of the first scene.  A less creepy version of The Autopsy of Jane Doe.

#6.  The Hurricane Heist.  A group of stupid people decided to use a hurricane to cover their robbery.  There are so many plot holes in this film that you have to suspend disbelief so much that it is hard to do.  This was very dumb.

#5.  The Nun.  A spin off from the Conjuring series, but it is so bad.  Similar to the first Annabelle movie, the Nun is a poor film with dumb people doing dumb things.  We really do not see the Nun that much and it is not that scary.  Since it made money and we will certainly see a sequel, hopefully the sequel to this will be as good as the sequel to Annabelle was.

#4.  Early Man.  I hated this movie ten minutes in.  I regretted my decision to go to it immediately and I waited for the animated movie to end. It was an early year leader for the worst film of the year.  Soccer playing cavemen. Ugh

#3.  Action Point.  Johnny Knoxville doing his stupid Jack-Ass routine in a scripted film where he is trying to re-open an old amusement park.  The incompetent and immature characters were our heroes here and I really just wanted it to be over.

#2.  Robin Hood.  Or should we call him “Rob?”  Taron Egerton is the new Rob and his story is terrible.  Jamie Foxx is collecting a paycheck.  Ben Mendelsohn is over acting as the Sheriff of Nottingham to an nth degree.  This was Robin Hood as a war movie and the fact that we got a machine gun bow and arrow should tell you all you need to know.

And the worst movie of 2018….

#1.  Holmes and Watson.  I just saw this movie with Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly just the other day and it immediately sprung to the top of this list.  It was so terrible that Columbia kept the screenings away from critics so that they would not be able to tell the public how bad it is.  It currently sits at 9% on Rotten Tomatoes and, even more telling, has 27% of audience score.  There have been stories of people walking out of Holmes and Watson showings.  It is so unfunny and ridiculous (and not in the good way).  It screws with iconic characters and damages them.  There was a moment during the film that I was thinking that I might give this zero stars.  I wrote in my review that the best part of the film was my bathroom break.  Holmes and Watson is so bad I have it in the same category as Movie 43, Batman and Robin and Transformers: The Last Knight.  Easily the worst of the year.

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