Deep Blue Sea (1999)

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So the third movie in the 2018/19 New Year’s Eve/Day Binge-a-Thon is a campy film from 1999 called Deep Blue Sea, starring Thomas Jane, LL Cool J, Samuel L. Jackson and Saffron Burrows among others.

Deep Blue Sea has the benefit of one of the most shocking, iconic and awesome scenes in movie history.  SPOILERS if you do not know the scene to which I refer.  Samuel L. Jackson getting surprised by a giant leaping shark that grabs him before he can say “mother f#$*er” and eats him up.  I haven’t seen this in a long time and that scene is the one that sticks out as all kind of awesomeness.  No one saw it coming.  Sam Jackson was a star and here he was getting devoured early in the film.  It was a great moment.

Unfortunately, the rest of the movie happened.

Everything else was so ridiculous and filled with camp that Deep Blue Sea can only be called a Jaws-rip-off and a waste of time.

We will give the film a break on the CGI, which was horrible (even though other films of the time were doing much better work with the special effects), but you cannot give them a break on the script.   LL Cool J, to avoid the shark, climbed into the over, which gets turned on by the shark.  To avoid being asphyxiated by the gas, he uses his metal ax to chop through the top of the over, creating an escape path (not creating nay sparks at all).  Then, he gets out, swims to the other end of the room while the shark is still attacking the oven, pulls out a lighter, lights it, tosses it across the room (and does not put out the little flame on it) and blows the room up.  LL Cool J survives the blast of fire though.

Deep Blue Sea could be seen as some in the “So bad it is good” category and I would not argue that.  If you are in the mood for some stupid humans taking on some genetically altered brainiac sharks, then Deep Blue Sea may provide you with a  lot of fun.  It is a bad movie though.


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