EYG Top 10 Mel Gibson Movies


This week Matt and John decided to do the Top 10 Mel Gibson movies in honor of Mel’s birthday this week.  This being the first weekend in January, there is not much coming out (Escape Room being like the only wide release) and there are not many choices for a list.

Related image#10.  Chicken Run.  Animated voice from Rocky the Rooster.  I had fun with this movie and watching the rooster’s attempts to escape from the farm to avoid the chicken pie-making machine.  The animation is great with the stop motion animation style that is always fun to watch.


Image result for forever young mel gibson#9.  Forever Young.  Mel is a pilot who undergoes a experimental process to put him into suspended animation because his girlfriend has slipped into a coma.  The problem was it was meant to be just one year, but it ended up lasting for 53 years.  When he finally was brought back, things start to happen.  Elijah Woods is the kid with him in the future



Image result for lethal weapon 3#8.  Lethal Weapon 3.  The great franchise of Lethal Weapon’s third installment is weaker than the first two, but it still shows you how great of a pairing Mel Gibson and Danny Glover are together.  Rene Russo joined the franchise here and added to the strength of it.



Image result for payback mel gibson#7.  Payback.  A great version of a revenge flick with Mel Gibson going after money that he earned from a theft.  He did not receive his cut because it seemed as if he had died.  Mel came back and took care of business.



Image result for what women want#6.  What Women Want.   A rom-com with Mel Gibson gaining the power to hear what women are thinking.  Mel uses the power to search for his feminine side and he winds up with Helen Hunt.  The film is funny mostly because of how funny Mel Gibson is in the movie.  I know some do not like this as much but the idea of someone as “manly” as Mel Gibson showing a different side of his personality really appealed to me.


Image result for the road warrior mel gibson#5.  The Road Warrior.  This was my first exposure to the franchise of Mad Max even though it was the second film in the series.  The Road Warrior was an awesome piece of futuristic dystopian future.  The battle over little things like gasoline was hard for me as a younger kid to understand but the action was wonderful.  Plus…Lord Humongous is there too.


Image result for ransom mel gibson#4.  Ransom.  “GIVE ME BACK MY SON!”  That intensity and anxiety really connected with me as the father tried to convince the kidnappers to return his kidnapped son.  Ransom might be a bit over-the-top, however, I found this gripping and amazing.  The kidnappers were given some personality as well and we have a strong performance from Gary Sinise.


Image result for lethal weapon movie#3.  Lethal Weapon.  The original film with Mel Gibson as the suicidal cop Martin Riggs, whose wife was killed, is an awesome and creative new idea.  The buddy cop movie really shows the connection between Riggs and Roger Murtaugh.  They clash at first as Murtaugh realizes that Riggs is legitimately suicidal and potentially crazy.


Image result for lethal weapon 2 movie#2.  Lethal Weapon 2.  However, my personal favorite of the franchise is Lethal Weapon 2 with the addition of Joe Pesci and the connection between Riggs and Murtaugh is much stronger.  The toilet scene is a perfect example of how this relationship has formed.  While I enjoyed the conflict between them in the first Lethal Weapon, I really love the bond shown between the two of them in the second movie.  They were family here, plus the whole storyline with the truth of Riggs’ wife’s death factoring in helped make this my top choice of Lethal Weapon movies.


Image result for braveheart#1.  Braveheart.  This was the easy choice.  Braveheart may not be that accurate in historical facts, but it is one of the best stories you will ever hear.  The emotions stirred up when Mel screams out about his “freedom” are just unbelievable.  There are so many iconic scenes in this film, directed by Mel himself.  It had to be a massive undertaking with the scenes focusing on all of the armies, being the lead actor as well as trying to direct the film.  It is an incredible success.


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