Captain Marvel #1

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Captain Marvel #1


Writer:  Kelly Thompson

Artist:  Carmen Carnero

Cover Art:  Amanda Conner & Paul Mounts

I’m not sure how many Captain Marvel #1s there has been over the last five years, but the new version, written by Kelly Thompson, is really good.

Marvel Comics has had multiple Carol Danvers books over the last several years and, of course, the big Marvel Studios movie is coming out in a few months so the time is right for Marvel’s biggest female hero to really take off.  And if she is going to do it, this is a fantastic way to do it.

I loved the banter and the dialogue throughout this book, between Carol and all the other heroes in her life.  It was awesome to see her catch up with Jessica Drew, Tony Stark, and James Rhodes, in particular.  Carol’s return to the Avengers was a big deal and her short interaction with Captain America was also a lot of fun.

I truly loved the dialogue of this book.  It was so fun and witty.  I could read a whole book with Captain Marvel and Spider-Woman as buddy super heroes.

Captain Marvel showed how powerful she is, especially against this Kraken-thing at the beginning.  It was cool to see Carol back in New York and not patrolling space in Alpha Flight any longer.

However, I have some nervousness about the final couple of pages and I hope this does not go the way I think it might.  This feels like something that we have seen many times before (any number of X-books, Dimension Z and Cap, etc) and I hope that this creative team can provide us with something new and not just a retread of other dimensional stories.

If this book can be as fun as the first 3/4 of the comic, then this will be a great lead in to the Captain Marvel movie.


Image result for new captain marvel #1

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