The Wife (2018)

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I went to iTunes this morning so I could see the film from 2018 called The Wife.  It was another one of the movies that did not come around here (or if it did, I may have missed it).  Honestly, I would not have searched this film out if Glenn Close had not been nominated for an Oscar (and won a Golden Globe) for this performance.  I like to see the main award films and The Wife was clearly one to see.

After seeing it, I can understand why Glenn Close may be the favorite to win in the Best Actress category, but, to be honest, I did not love the movie.

I mean, it was fine.  I am giving it a fresh review, but I would never watch it again.  The strong performance from Close is what elevated this into consideration.

Joe Castleman (Jonathan Pryce) is an acclaimed author and up for a Nobel Prize for Literature.  And behind the great man is an even greater woman, Joan Castleman (Glenn Close) who has spent years sacrificing her own desires and dreams to support and encourage Joe’s success.

I thought Jonathan Pryce was excellent here as well, so there were two very strong performances, but the story was okay.  It did not grab me the way that I thought it might.  The film felt like another movie that I had seen this past year and I had trouble getting past that.

Christian Slater was there too.  He was playing a jerk who was writing a book an Joe and he was searching for a scoop.

The film showed us the life of this couple from their early days in flashbacks while they prepared to accept the Nobel Prize.  This story telling choice was fine, but it suffered whenever Close (or Pryce, to be fair) was not on screen.

I have seen this story before and the only reason this is memorable at all is because of Glenn Close and Jonathan Pryce.  If you want to see a master class of acting skills, watch Glenn Close’s performance. she is tremendous.  Otherwise, The Wife is average.

3 stars

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