West Coast Avengers#7

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West Coast Avengers#7

Writer: Kelly Thompson

Artist:  Daniele DiNicuolo

Cover Art:  Eduard Petrovich

This series has been spotty so far.  However, I have stuck with it because there is an interesting group of characters in this variation of the West Coast Avengers.  Clint Barton, our original Hawkeye, is here, but not the leader.  That goes to Kate Bishop, the female Hawkeye.  Quentin Quire has been one of my favorites for many years, dating back to the X-Men days.  Gwenpool, America, and Fuse are characters that I have yet to see the best out of, but who are, at least, different than the typical hero at Marvel.

And this issue has the return of Noh-Varr, aka Marvel Boy.

The villains in the series are a collection of oddballs too including M.O.D.O.K., Graviton, Madame Masque, Satana, The Eel(?), and Lady Bullseye. This is a motley crew for certain, but they fit in with the general tone of the book.

And Marvel Boy indicated that he was there to investigate a cult made up of Skrulls.  Now that sounds pretty cool.

West Coast Avengers is not the first comic I grab once it comes out, but I think it has potential to be something different and fun.


Image result for west coast avengers #7

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