Captain America#7

Image result for captain america #7 Captain of Nothing

Captain America#7

Captain of Nothing Part One

Writer:  Ta-Nehisi Coates

Artist:  Adam Kubert

Cover Art:  Alex Ross

A new story arc begins for the Captain America title.  Thunderbolt Ross is dead.  Killed.  Murdered.  And it seemed as if the murder blow came from a “disk-like object”.

A shield?

Steve Rogers is the leading suspect in the murder of General Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross, a longtime Marvel Comics character who had once been the Red Hulk.  However, something intriguing is going on, but Steve Rogers turns himself in.

The feel of the story is dark.  I have a feeling we will be diving deep into the character of Steve Rogers and his trouble with the U.S. Government.  He makes a reference that this trouble goes all the way back to the Registration Act, which was from Civil War.  I hope this arc really examines the history of Cap over these last few years, from Civil War to the Hydra Supreme Commander.

I would love a mystery of who killed Thaddeus Ross too.  Issue six gave us some hints, but that does not mean that we have an answer.

This feels like a turning point for Captain America and the hope that he will be able to reclaim that spot he has lost in the eyes of the people of the Marvel Universe.


Image result for captain america #7 Captain of Nothing

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