The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then the Bigfoot

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This was a strange movie.

As I was looking at iTunes, I was attracted to the title of this film under the “Notable Indies” section.  Apparently it is in theaters in limited release right now.  I watched the trailer iTunes had and I was sold.

Then I started streaming the film and it was, as I already mentioned, strange.

The two big things in the title of the film, the killing of Hitler and the killing of Bigfoot, total maybe 5-8 minutes of the entire film.  It really is not about either of these events.  It is about Sam Elliot’s character Calvin Barr and his dealing with the choices that he has made in his life, choices that, despite being a myth and a legend, led to him being a lonely old man, alone with his dog.

Sam Elliott is exceptional here as he always is as a man who has to sacrifice happiness for an attempt at saving his country.  And the best part of the film is definitely his recount of the events surrounding his killing of Hitler.  The anger and resentment of his success and failure and how that changed the path of his life forever was very powerful and stood out among the laid back tone of most of this movie.

I also found the relationship between Calvin and his younger brother Ed (Larry Miller) fascinating as well.  Larry Miller is excellent here playing off the strong work of Elliott.

I can see people being unhappy with this movie after being drawn in by the fanciful title, expecting something different.  However, if you can get past that, as I did, you should enjoy this smaller, character-driven story of a unknown hero.

3.75 stars


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