Captive State

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I was looking forward to this movie because I had really no knowledge of what it was.  There aren’t too many films that hit the theater where I was uncertain about what it was going to be.

And then I saw this film.

Honestly, I hated this movie.  I was bored within the first ten minutes, I had absolutely no connection to any of the main characters and they kept bringing other people into the film that I had no idea what their purpose was for.  The story was disjointed and confusing and I really was not sure what was going on.  And not in a good way.

John Goodman was here.  He was a Chicago detective after the aliens had arrived and taken over the world.  Chicago was walled off and became a craphole.  There was a resistance inside Chicago, I think, and they were trying to do something.

Vera Farmiga, who I love and never gives a bad performance, is totally wasted in this role.  She has like two throwaway scenes and then ends up in a convoluted climax that tries to tie everything up in a nice little bow so everyone left the theater knowing what was happening.

I came very close to walking out of this movie on several occasions but I made it through to the ending.  The guy snoring loudly in the row behind me made it through as well, but he did not see as much of this travesty as I had to endure (plus, he was with a girlfriend/significant other… can’t you elbow him when he is snoring that loudly?  Geez, you want to snore, go the #@#$ home).

Hated this one.  Skip it.

1 star

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