The War of the Realms #1

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The War of the Realms #1

“Chapter One: The Last Realm Standing”

Writer:  Jason Aaron

Artist:  Russell Dauterman

Cover Art:  Arthur Adams & Matthew Wilson

I have been wanting to read this all week since it is the major event of the Marvel Universe. The problem is that I have been pretty busy this week and I have been so far behind my Thor comics that I have been worried that I wouldn’t understand what was happening.  When I finally got to the issue, I did not have a problem understanding what was going on… but, unfortunately, it was underwhelming.

The war began as Malekith’s forces started the war on Midgard.  I’ve always liked Malekith, outside of the wasted use of him in the MCU in Thor: The Dark World,  and his forces are good.  I always love Spider-man and his annoying Freyja and the Asgardians was a nice touch.

The problem was that I just did not find myself too interested in what was happening.  Hopefully, this gets better because it is going to engulf the Marvel Comics for several months here.

I love Jason Aaron, but, honestly, there was some dialogue that was disappointing.  The art is pedestrian, especially the Spider-man parts.  The shocking twist with Loki at the end was unexpected.

Overall, I ended the first issue with a lot of doubt that this was going to come anywhere close to the great Avengers: No Road Home that is going on weekly right now.  I sure hope that this gets better.


Image result for the war of the realms #1 cover

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