Avengers: No Road Home#10 (of 10)

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Avengers: No Road Home #10 (of 10)

Writer:  Mark Waid, Jim Zub & Al Ewing

Artist:  Sean Izaakse

Cover Art:  Marcio Menyz with Erick Arciniega

What a ride we have been on for the last ten weeks.  This is a perfect example of what comics should be.  Great characters.  Great character development.  A strong villain.  Action.  Wonderful storytelling.  And not a sign of a crossover.

The first several pages of this issue, with Vision inside the house with Nyx, is some of the most beautiful art work in the entire series.  The black and white contrast with the colorful Vision is striking.  These pages could be hung on a wall in frames.  Sean Izaakse, whose work has been very strong for the entire series, outdid himself with these pages that left me breathless.  I have been enamored with the writing of Avengers: No Road Home, but this is the first time where the art may have exceeded the story.  Well done.

The whole “House of Ideas” meta bit might have been a tad hokey, but it somehow worked.  Seeing the variations of Marvel heroes coming from the mind of the Vision was really cool.  It brought the main story of Nyx to a satisfying conclusion about halfway through the book which left me wondering, what was remaining?

The falling action of the story was just as fascinating as the rest of the series.  Setting up several of the cast members for their future int he Marvel Universe, I particularly found the Olympians and Hercules intriguing.  I have always enjoyed the character of Hercules and this series has done more for Herc than any book since the days of Greg Pak and the Incredible Hercules.

I am also very excited about the idea of Conan the Barbarian in the Savage Land. I know this is a set-up for the upcoming Savage Avengers series, which I am excited for, but there is one thing I want and that is a confrontation between Conan the Barbarian and Ka-Zar.

Avengers: No Road Home was a milestone for Marvel Comics and should be the road map Marvel uses moving forward.  Of course, when you team up three amazing writers in a collaborative effort for ten-issues, the fact that we got a highly engaging and completely enthralling series should not  have been a surprise.

If you have not read Avengers: No Road Home, what are you waiting for?  I loved it.


Image result for avengers no road home 10 cover

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