Spider-man: Homecoming (2017)

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The line was originally from Civil War, but it appears in the opening video diary in Spider-Man: Homecoming which is a very funny and sweet way to start this film off. It immediately establishes our hero, Peter Parker, is a young kid, and that is the key to the latest variation of Peter Parker.  He is a young kid.

Previous Peters were played by men in their upper 20s and early 30s, but Tom Holland is like 21, but looks younger.  Peter is in high school and he looks it.  Marvel was going for the vibe of a John Hughes movie with Homecoming and it definitely feels as such.

I loved this version of Spider-Man.  It is the first real version of how Spidey should be.  With Marvel Studios making a deal with Sony to use Spider-Man in the MCU films, we have Spidey as he should be.

The film benefitted from the exceptional work Michael Keaton as Adrian Toomes, the Vulture.  Keaton not only was menacing, but he was able to create a character who was relatable to the audience because understand why he did what he did.  And he acted the heck out of the scene in the car with Peter in the backseat.

Marvel uses Robert Downey Jr’s Tony Stark as a mentor for Peter and a way to show that Spider-Man exists in the same universe.  They do not overuse Downey Jr.  It never once feels like Iron Man’s movie, which some people thought it would be.

I’m a bit torn by all the spider suit tech in the movie.  It feels a bit overused, as if he is just a junior Iron Man instead of Spider-Man but it is a minor gripe.

Zendaya is an interesting prescience on screen and I like her as a possible love interest for Peter.  Jon Favreau is a fun addition as Happy Hogan, and Marisa Tomei makes a much hipper and cool Aunt May.  Jacob Batalon’s Ned gives Peter a friend and a confidant and he gives the audience a voice in the story.

Homecoming is either better than or even with the best Spider-Man movie ever, Spider-man 2.  Hopefully, the upcoming Far From Home will be as good as this.


Image result for spiderman homecoming poster

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