Long Shot


There are going to going to be several films this weekend that are blown out of the water by the second week of the juggernaut known as Avengers: Endgame, which is part of the business.  However, there is one new film opening that deserves so much more than getting snapped out of existence.

Long Shot, a political comedy/rom-com, starring Seth Rogan and Charlize Theron is much better than I expected it to be and deserves to do better at the box office than it is, I’m afraid, it is going to do.  It is a touching, very funny fantasy that tells the romance between the Secretary of State and an out of luck journalist admist her campaign to become President of the United States.

i called it a fantasy because some of the things that happen in the story simply are so unrealistic when it comes to politics in this country that you have to suspend your disbelief multiple times.  However, the film is so charming and well written/ acted that those moments did not bother me.

i have never been a huge fan of Seth Rogan, as I have never enjoyed the drug comedy that he seems to excel within.  And, while there is some of that in Long Shot, it is kept at a minimum and are actually quite funny.  Being funny is the cure for most anything.

Both Seth Rogan and Charlize Theron are really strong in this film and they display a surprising amount of chemistry.  If you are talking about an onscreen couple, Rogan and Theron are not necessarily the first pairing you would come up with and yet it works well.  You believe that their relationship is coming from a place of realism, which is quite a feat considering all of the connotations that it might bring with it.

The film is definitely deserving of its R rating as it tends to lean toward more risqué comedy, including one important scene caught on video, that shocked me.  I was shocked that they were blessed to show the scene.  But again, while the comedy, at times, is certainly leaning toward the racy kind, it is always funny, and some jokes can be forgiven if they are funny.

However, there are many other comedic elements here than just the sex and drug parts.  The comedy includes real moments between two characters who feel real despite the unreal setting that they find themselves in.

There are thinly veiled some jokes at the expense of FOX News including a character who, again, clearly seems to be an amalgam of Ruppert Murdock and Roger Ailes.  And the President of the United States is played by Bob Odenkirk (from Better Call Saul) and there are comparisons to be made to President Trump, yet there are not as many jokes directed toward Trump as you might think.  There is even a scene where the ideology of Rogan make him look like the uncooperative one.  It almost is a cry for working across party lines.

Long Shot works on many levels and had me laughing consistently.  Jonathan Levine directed this film, which is right up there with another of my favorite Seth Rogan film (also directed by Levine) 50/50.  This film is great counter programming, and you should really try to squeeze a showing into your weekend schedule around your next viewings of Avengers: Endgame.  That is what I did.

4.3 stars







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