EYG Top 10 Best Mothers in Movies


It has been a bit since I did one of these lists and that is for a couple of reasons.  I do not want to go into it, but let’s just say that I left the Top 10 Facebook group.  I have also been very busy so it has been tough to do the lists though I have enjoyed the Top 10 shows that have gone with them the last few weeks.

Anyway, this past week, the Top 10 posted a Relist episode on the Top 10 Dads in movies and, since tomorrow is Mother’s Day (Happy Mother’s Day to all the Geek Mommies out there), I figured I would do a Top 10 Moms in Movies.

Having said that, I found way more moms in movies that were bad moms or mothers that were evil.  I did not include the Norma Bates or the Manchurian Candidate’s Eleanor Isein no matter how iconic they were or how great a performance it may have been. Mu list is good mommies and only good mommies.

Even with that caveat, there were a bunch of choices and I had to narrow my list considerably.  I also flip-flopped on my list a couple of times with my choices.

Image result for molly weasley#10.  Molly Weasley (the Harry Potter films.)  A last second addition, mother Weasley was the mother to a whole horde of children, but she never turned away poor Harry when he needed a place to be.  She provided lots of love for her gaggle of children and brought lessons of magic in the world with her.



Image result for ramonda black panther#9.  Queen Ramonda (Black Panther).  You get an actress the caliber of Angela Bassett, you make her a queen.  Mother of both T’Challa and Shuri, Ramonda show great strength and willpower during her children’s tough times.  She was grieving her dead husband, yet she was there for her son as he became king, helped save his life after Killmonger arrived and nearly killed him, and did it all with an air of regal nature.


Image result for Mrs jumbo#8.  Mrs. Jumbo, (Dumbo).  All she wanted was to be with her newly born baby, but those creeps at the circus just would not leave little, big-eared Dumbo alone.  It nearly cost her dearly.  Thankfully, Dumbo turned out to be more talented than anyone ever believed and she was able to return to her son.



Image result for Ma Room#7.  Ma (Room).  I fell in love with Brie Larson after this movie.  Room was such an emotional film with two stand out performances that it wrecked me throughout.  And Ma did everything she could to try and give her son as normal of a life as she could in the most abnormal situation.  How well he adapted to the horrible situation tells you how great a mother she was.


Image result for holly gennero punches reporter#6.  Holly Gennero (Die Hard).  Don’t put Ms. Gennero’s children in danger or you just might take a right cross to the face.   Mrs. McClane is a force of nature and you can see that in both Die Hard and its sequel when dealing with either Richard Thornburg or Hans Gruber.  We do not get that many scenes of Holly with her children, but you know she is a mother who would do whatever for her children.




Image result for Ma Kent diane lane man of steel;#5.  Ma Kent (Man of Steel).  Martha….WHY DID YOU SAY THAT NAME????  Sorry, lost my train of thought there a second.  Despite her infamous use in Batman v Superman, Diane Lane made a great Ma Kent.  Man of Steel provided Kal-El with one sane parent (sorry Kevin Costner) and brought some life into Superman’s earthly mother.


Image result for frigga#4.  Frigga (Thor movies/Avengers: Endgame).  Frigga was great in the first two Thor movies, especially with some of her scenes with Loki (Tom Hiddleston), but what truly propelled her up the list was her surprise cameo in Avengers: Endgame and her talk with her son from the future.  Never before had Frigga felt like such an awesome mom as she did here, and she wanted Thor to eat a salad.  How motherly!  Plus, Rene Russo is epic as the All-Mother.



Related image#3.  Lynn Sear (Sixth Sense).  All she wanted to do was to help her son, Cole, who was going through something that she did not understand.  He would not open up to her, but she never gave up on him.  Her patience and her love allowed Cole to tell her his secret… he sees dead people.  And she accepted it.  Sure, at first she thought he was exaggerating, but she was convinced and her love was unwavering.  She did not look at her son differently and the scene of her with Cole in the car at the end of that movie was wonderfully moving.  Toni Collette rightfully received an Oscar nomination for this role.


Related image#2.  Helen Parr (The Incredibles).  Elastigirl loves her children.  You can tell from the desperate message she cries across the radio, “There are children on board!” before the missiles blew her plane from the sky.  She was able to keep Violet and Dash alive, and reunited them with their missing father.  She also stepped out as a working mom to help bring supers back to prominence in the Incredibles universe.  Helen is a mom who can really stretch.


Image result for sarah connor t2#1.  Sarah Connors (Terminator 2).  Okay, sure…Sarah Connors is bat-shit crazy.  Really you can’t blame her.  She has been told that the robots were coming and that only her son could save humanity.  Oh and that judgement day was coming.  All that Sarah Connors cared about was getting John safe, prepared and protected.  She went to all kinds of coo-coo lengths to do it, but wouldn’t everybody?  I tried to not put Sarah at number one, but when I looked at the list, she was the only one who fit the spot.


Honorable mention:  There were a bunch of others.  Erin Brockovich was at #10 for awhile before getting bumped off.  Mary from E. T. the Extra-Terrestrial was a nice choice.  The Blind Side‘s Leigh Anna Tuehy, played by Sandra Bullock was a great football mom who was not afraid to expand her family.  Annie Sullivan from Field of Dreams would probably make the list of great wives for her support of her crazy ass, voice hearing husband.  The crew from Bad Moms would have been an ironic addition to this list.  Rose Byrne’s Ellie from Instant Family is a great foster mother for sure.  Mrs. Gump (Sally Field) did so much for her son, and told us that life was like a box of chocolates.


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