The Immortal Hulk #17

Image result for the immortal hulk 17 cover

The Incredible Hulk #17


Writer:  Al Ewing

Artist:  Joe Bennett

Cover Art:  Alex Ross

My goodness.

I have to tell you.  There is a double page splash page in the middle of this issue that was just shocking and awesome.

The Immortal Hulk has been consistently brilliant since the series started.  We now see something we have never seen before.

It appears that Bruce Banner may not be in charge of his body any longer.  Add to that that the fact that the Devil Hulk is currently being kept at bay, and suddenly something weird is going on.

The man who looks like Banner called himself Joe.  Is that Joe Fixit?  The comic implies that but I am not sure.  Still, it is clearly not Bruce Banner.  Or at least, the personality is not Bruce Banner.

The Immortal Hulk continues to be one of the best reads every month.  Al Ewing has kept the story moving quickly with surprises and mood.  The art is great and the cover by the amazing Alex Ross continues to be fantastic.


Image result for the immortal hulk 17 cover

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