EYG Top 10 Will Smith Movies


Hey, back online!!!!  It has been a week since my internet went down so it has been a struggle to try and get some of this web content written over the last week.  I used my ipad to do the reviews, but it is not an easy tool to use.  So I skipped over the Top 10 lists last week.  I want to get caught up now that I am back on the internet.

I will start with the Top 10 Will Smith movies.  I enjoy Will Smith, even though some of the films he has been in have been pretty poor. I actually came up with exactly ten films, and there are a couple that I stretched a bit for.

Image result for seven pounds#10.  Seven Pounds.  This is one that I stretched.  I saw it once and I remember feeling the sadness from the film, and it did seem a bit cheesy.  Still, the emotions were good and Will Smith and Rosario Dawson are great together.  I probably will never watch this movie again, but I do remember it.



Image result for men in black 3#9.  Men in Black 3.  The third edition of the Men in Black franchise improved from the second one.  The time travel was pretty decent and the best part of the movie is easily Josh Brolin’s young Tommy Lee Jones imitation.  The ending of the film was a bit off because, you know, time travel.  Still, it was a somewhat fun movie.


Image result for aladdin 2019#8.  Aladdin (2019).  This was the reason this week’s list had been Will Smith movies.  Since I did not have internet, I was able to see Aladdin before I make this list so it became eligible for my top 10.  I was very anxious about this film because I loved the Robin Williams version, but the new film was better than I had thought.  Will Smith started a little shaky for me, but made the role his own as the film progressed.


Image result for pursuit of happyness#7.  Pursuit of Happyness.  This is another emotional film showcasing the relationship between a father and his son when he was trying to find a job.  He and his son were homeless and trying to get by.  Will Smith plays the father and his own son, Jaden Smith, plays the son.  This was probably the best Jaden Smith has ever been.



Image result for concussion movie#6.  Concussion.  Will Smith plays Dr. Bennet Omalu, discovered neurological deterioration that is similar to Alzheimer’s disease during an autopsy of a former NFL player who had died under mysterious circumstances.  And from this, he started looking to take on the NFL on the dangers inherent in the sport.  This real life story really shows the power of the NFL and how important Dr. Omalu’s work was in making everyone understand the dangers of brain injuries.


Image result for independence day movie#5.  Independence Day.  One of the great summer blockbusters of the 1990s.  Will Smith is among a fantastic ensemble cast in the movie that is big, dumb and lots of fun.  Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum made a wonderful pairing as the two heroes who flew into the spaceship to plant the virus.  You can light up the cigar now.


Image result for hancock movie#4.  Hancock.  This is a fun super hero movie with a down and depressed super heroic Will Smith who is extremely rough around the edges.  Jason Bateman appears in the movie and gives a strong performance here as the guy trying to get Hancock back to being the super hero.



Image result for I Am Legend movie#3.  I Am Legend.  Some people hate this movie, but I found it to be excellent.  Even with the emotional tugs with the death of the dog, this movie is a great zombie/end of the world film with Will Smith doing a great job.  There are some different endings and I like one better than the other. I found this version of the zombies very scary.  And there was the amazing Batman/Superman ad that was somehow telling the future.


Image result for men in black movie#2.  Men in Black.  This was the Top 10’s number one and my number two.  I love Men in Black.  Based on a comic book, Will Smith matched up with Tommy Lee Jones in the agency that is in the shadows and investigates the aliens living on earth.  Will Smith is Agent J and Tommy Lee is a legendary Agent K.  The pair of them and their chemistry is one of the key successes of Men in Black.  Will Smith shows that he is a star here and the film is an awesome mix of humor and adventure.


Image result for enemy of the state#1.  Enemy of the State.  I love this movie.  Gene Hackman is a hermit-like former spy who winds up with lawyer Will Smith, who is being chased by a government agency.  The spy games going on here are scary when you think about it.  What exactly does the intelligent agencies know about us?  Are they listening when we talk on the phone.  Is there a bug in our house?  Who knows what?  This is really one of the first films where Will Smith showed that he was capable of leading a film.  He fit perfectly in the role and even looked like he matched up with Gene Hackman.  This is a great movie.



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