EYG Top 10 Star Wars Villains


The next list I would have done had I had internet access.  This list was found on the Top 10 Patreon as the second show from the live show the Top 10 did in Chicago.  It was a wild show with John Rocha starting some controversial discussions from his list.  Plus, lots of alcohol.  The show was funny as can be and, if you are a Patreon, you can listen to the show too.

It was Star Wars Celebration in Chicago the week they recorded this so they did the Topp 10 Star Wars villains.

Image result for Qi'ra#10.  Qi’ra (Solo: A Star Wars Story).  We found out that she was working with Darth Maul as a double agent for the entire film and her betrayal was a major piece of the film.  Solo was not the best Star Wars film, but it wasn’t the worst either.  Qi’ra was played by Emilia Clarke and was a beautiful figure in the film.



Related image#9.  Supreme Leader Snoke.  In the end, Snoke turned out to be lesser than it appeared he was going to be.  Everybody wondered who he was.  Everyone thought he was someone special.  He looked cool.  However, the promises of The Force Awakens was cut in half in The Last Jedi, literally.  Is he fully gone or is there more to see of Snoke?  I guess we will just have to wait and see.


Image result for count dooku#8.  Count Dooku.  Played by the legendary Christopher Lee, Count Dooku may not have reached the levels that he deserved.  A Sith Lord, Dooku was at once a Jedi trained by Yoda himself.  His Padawan was Qui-Gon Jinn, and Dooku fell to the Dark Side when Jinn died.  In the end, Anakin Skywalker killed Dooku in Revenge of the Sith.



Image result for grand moff tarkin#7.  Grand Moff Tarkin.  Tarkin became a favorite of Palpatine and became the person in charge of building the Death Star.  Played by the late Peter Cushing, Grand Moff Tarkin was the man who ordered the destruction of Princess Leia’s home planet of Alderaan.  In the end though, Tarkin refused to believe that the Death Star had any weaknesses and he wound up killed when the Death Star was destroyed by Luke.


Image result for boba fett#6.  Boba Fett.  There has not been much about Boba Fett in the actual movies.  Honestly, he has only appeared a couple of times and there is little knowledge about him from the original trilogy.  We know he died by falling into the Sarlaac pitt in Return of the Jedi.  There was just something about the aura of Boba Fett that made us all love him.  As Han Solo said… “Boba Fett?  Boba Fett?  Where?”


Image result for jabba the hutt and leia#5.  Jabba the Hutt.  One of my favorite villains of the series.  Jabba was the crime lord of the Hutts and was after Han Solo for the entire original trilogy.  The opening scenes with Jabba from Return of the Jedi are some of the best scenes of the trilogy.  There is so much more that we could find out about Jabba and I think he is one of the most fascinating characters in the series.


Related image#4.  Kylo Ren.  Ah, poor Ben Solo.  He fell to the Dark Side and then killed his father, Han Solo.  There are many who will never forgive Kylo for that action.  Is the Rise of Skywalker about the redemption of Kylo?  Who knows.  In the end, Kylo has become more dangerous and more powerful as the new trilogy continues.  It seemed as if he may have been coming to Rey’s side when he cut Snoke in two in one of the best fight scenes of the Last Jedi.  As it turned out, it was not to be as Kylo wound up facing off with (or so he thought) with Luke.


Image result for palpatine#3.  Palpatine.  The horrible monster that was behind the entire Empire and, apparently, died in Return of the Jedi.  However, we hear his distinct laugh in the new trailer of Star Wars Episode 9.  Could he still be alive?  Is he still pulling all the strings?  He was known as Darth Sidious and was the most powerful of all the Sith Lords.  He was behind the destruction of the Jedi and the return of the Sith.  He created Darth Vader.  He was total evil.


Image result for darth maul;#2.  Darth Maul.  The new Sith Lord that appeared in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace.  Darth Maul is one of the coolest designs of a character that we have ever had in the Star Wars universe.  The biggest error that happened in the trilogy was killing him off in his first movie.  Darth Maul could have been a major force throughout the prequels.  However, it is now in the movies that Darth Maul did not die in that film. The secret appearance of Darth maul in Solo was one of the highlights of the film and brought him back to the film universe.  Ray Park played the great Sith Lord.


Image result for darth vader#1.  Darth Vader (DUH).  Of course the best villain in the Star Wars films is Darth Vader.  Darth Vader makes the list of the greatest movie villains of all time, and might be at the top of that list too.  Voiced by the legend James Earl Jones, Darth Vader became the iconic force of the Dark Side when he told Luke Skywalker, the hero of Episode IV and V, that Darth was Luke’s father.  That shocking revelation blew the minds of movie goers everywhere.  Originally Anakin Skywalker (and for the argument, I did not place them in different spots as John Rocha did.  I see them as the same character), Vader became the right hand man of the Emperor and the main protagonist in the original trilogy.  He killed Obi Wan Kenobi, he chopped off Luke’s hand, and he tried to lure his son to the Dark Side.  However, Darth Vader was redeemed of his horrendous actions when he saved Luke from the evil of Palpatine.  This was the easiest number one on any list in a long time.


Honorable mentionsGreedo, General Grievous, The Sarlaac, Jango Fett.



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