The War of the Realms #6

War of the Realms #6

The War of the Realms #6

“Chapter Six:  The Storm of Thors”

Writer:  Jason Aaron

Artist:  Russell Dauterman

Cover Art:  Arthur Adams & Matthew Wilson

I have been fairly disappointed with the ongoing The War of the Realms story that has spanned across much of the Marvel Comics line for the last few months.  There has been tons of crossovers and most of them have been lesser than what one might expect.  I have not been a huge fan of the main series.  So I was looking forward to the series ending and it does so with number six.

It turned out that The War of the Realms #6 was not bad.  It was probably my favorite of the six issues.

I am not sure what the purpose of the series was meant to be.  It seemed as if the entire run was basically to make adjustments to the character of Thor.  Jason Aaron brought back some of the characters he created back in his awesome run on Thor from a few years ago and they were fun. It just does not seem to be enough to give a huge crossover event.  This could have been done in Thor (or maybe the Avengers).  Most of the rest of the Marvel Universe was just there as cameos and it did not feel needed.

It looks as if there is a bunch of new Thor or Thor-type comics coming out of this.  I am not sure what those books will be like.

The War of the Realms are over.  It ended with more of a punch than most of the series.  However, the entire series was not good enough.


War of the Realms #6


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