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Loki #1

“The God Who Fell to Earth”

Chapter One: Happily Ever After

Writer:  Daniel Kibblesmith

Artist:  Oscar Bazaldua

Cover Art:  Ozgur Yildirim

Hot off the underwhelming The War of the Realms series is a fully enjoyable and fun Loki #1, written by Daniel Kibblesmith, a comedy writer from The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and a former editor of Clickhole, and drawn by Oscar Bazaldua.

I was really entertained by this issue.  I found the story quick and easy to follow (not always the case with some of the Norse myth-based Marvel heroes) and the dialogue, especially from Loki, was sharp, witty and hilarious.

Frosti may be my favorite new character from Marvel Comics in decades.

Kibblesmith caught the exact tone and essence of the character of Loki beautifully.  Loki is the God of Mischief and you catch the sense of that in this book.  There are some great scenes with Loki and his brother Thor, a relationship that is as complicated as any sibling relationship in comic book history.

We may not know what path this story takes, though the final page is one that really begs for some questions, but what starts here is fantastic characterization of one of Marvel Comics’ most classic villains in an engaging and entertaining manner.

Shout out as well to Oscar Bazaldua, an artist from the Mrs. and Mrs. X book, whose art looks to be the perfect touch for this series.

I am very positive for this series and I am really looking forward to see where it goes from here.  The comedy here is very smart and subtle and I have not found a comic this funny since the days of Chelsea Cain’s Mockingbird, which is one of my all-time favorite series.  I have very high hopes for Loki moving forward in the Marvel Universe.


Image result for Loki #1 cover

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