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But You Can’t Hide Pt. V

Writer:  Rainbow Rowell

Artist:  Andres Genolet

Cover Art:  Kris Anka

I have just recently caught up with the Runaway series after falling behind several months.  When I sat down to read it through, I realized why this had been nominated for Best Ongoing Series at the Eisner Awards.  It was fantastic.  Great characterization.  Wonderful interwoven plot points.  Beautiful art.  A story that features the characters more than just the super hero/villain aspect.

Runaways#23 continues this trend with the issue focusing on the relationship between Chase and Gert, which has been shaky ever since Chase brought her to the future to keep her from dying.  We also get much more between Victor and Doombot, as both of the robots/cyborgs are dealing with rebooting their systems and deciding what kind of “human” they were going to be.

That is the biggest takeaway from the Runaways… they are young people who are written as real people and who live their lives struggling to get by.  You can feel the anguish with Chase and the guilt of Gert from her new “relationship” with Victor.

We get details on Karolina and her recent choices of using her powers to save people.  She and Nico have a real one-on-one about what has been going on in Karolina’s life.

I find Runaways to be unlike any other comic I buy and I will not be falling behind on the reading any more.


Image result for runaways #23

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