Fantastic Four #12

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Fantastic Four #12

The Honeymoon Crasher

Writer:  Dan Slott

Artist:  Sean Izaakse

Cover Art:  Esad Ribic


Speed of Light”

Writer: Jeremy Whitley

Artist:  Will Robson

The Immortal Hulk arrives during The Thing’s honeymoon to cause some trouble.  We have had the epic Thing vs. Hulk fights many times over the years, but this fight brought an air of stakes.

Without spoiling too much, this time the Hulk may not be fully under his own control, and Ben Grimm is on the clock.  With time ticking down until Ben switches to his human form for a few weeks, the Hulk arrives to throw a wrench into the romantic plans of our brand new Mr. and Mrs. Grimm.

You can sense the countdown as the battle raged on, despite Ben’s resistance to originally engage his old nemesis.

Though it ends with a cliffhanger, the story next issue should be quite amazing.

There is also a back story setting up the upcoming series Future Foundation.  Alex and Julie Power, former members of Power Pack, are reunited and deal with some of their own problems.

I used to love Power Pack, and I am interested to see where this will go.


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