She-Hulk Annual #1

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She-Hulk Annual #1

“Acts of Evil”

Writer:  Alexandra Petri

Artist:  Andy MacDonald

Cover Art:  Mirka Andolfo

I have missed the She-Hulk.

The current version of the character being used in the most recent run in Avengers is one of my least favorite character changes in the last several years at Marvel Comics.  One of the best parts of She-Hulk was that she was really just Jennifer Walters all the time, in the body of a giant green powerhouse.  She was not the dumb, “Hulk Smash” type of character.  We already had that.  I miss the lawyer, fourth-wall-breaking She-Hulk.

With the release of this annual that featured the lawyer version of the character and the upcoming Disney + series called She-Hulk, I really hope that barbaric version of Jen Walters is heading for a revamp.

They have also been calling her just Hulk in the Avengers books and that annoyed me as well.  The name She-Hulk does not put her down.  It is just who she is.  And with that same basic idea being used in the Marvel Comics #1000 anthology book that came out this week, maybe they will soon be calling her She-Hulk once again.

I enjoyed this annual, which included Bullseye and Machinesmith along with She-Hulk.  There was a weird mind swap story going on, but the best part of it was the use of intelligent She-Hulk again and having her narrate the story worked well.

I sure hope that this is a signal from Marvel that they are going to do right by the Green Goliath and return her to the strong and intelligent character that she was.  Please….



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