Batman/Superman #1

Image result for comic batman Superman #1

Batman/Superman #1

Who are the Secret Six? Part One

Writer:  Joshua Williamson

Artist:  David Marquez

Cover Art:  Leinil Yu & Tomeu Morey

Once again, I am a Marvel fan.  I prefer the characters and the style of the comics.  That does not mean that I dislike DC, but there is only so many comics that I can buy in a month.  I liked the Lois Lane#1, but decided against continuing that series.

However, Batman/Superman#1 is a different case.

This was outstanding.

I really liked the idea of the Batman Who Laughs.  This was my introduction to that character, even though I know he appeared in another series.  The ideas here were just not what I was expecting.

And the shocking ending literally made me gasp.  I really loved it.  Go read it.  It is a shock for sure.

The best part of the book so far was the interaction between Bruce and Clark.  The way they placed them as opposites sides of the same coin set the stage for a strong narrative.

My copy is the variant cover, which is a lovely piece of art from Leinil Yu and Tomeu Morey.

Can’t wait to see where this goes from here.



Image result for comic batman Superman #1

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