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Haunt is a low budget horror movie recently released that I found on Vudu.  I had heard online critic Chris Stuckmann praise it as a really solid haunted house movie and so I figured I would give it a try.

Produced by Eli Roth, Haunt turned out to be a decent horror film that provided some serious scares and some well earned moments of fear.

A group of friends get together on a Halloween night and they decide to go to a haunted house.  The haunted house turns out to be very extreme and, eventually, turns deadly.  As they struggle to find their way to freedom, the “actors” in the haunted house reveal their true motivation.

Katie Stevens played Harper, the main protagonist of the group of friends.  She has a back story that gets interwoven into the story that is being told with the haunted house in a very effective manner.  Stevens performs her role well, truly emoting the fear and panic that is gripping her character.  Still, I like how Harper does not become a cowering victim.  She is a kick ass female and steps up when she needed to.

Scott Beck and Bryan Woods direct the movie and they do an admirable job in what is clearly a low-budget film.  They are able to create some serious tension and anxiety among the viewers with some real scares.  They do not depend on the jump scares that are prevalent in the horror genre these days.  Instead, each scare feels earned and natural.

With Halloween right around the corner, Haunt is a great addition to the haunted house genre and uses the tropes in creative and engaging manners.  It is creepiness at its finest.

3.8 stars

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