Harleen Book One

Image result for Harleen #1

Harleen Book One

Writer: Stjepan Šejić

Artist:  Stjepan Šejić

Cover Art:  Stjepan Šejić

I have said before that I do not buy much from DC.  It is not that I dislike their characters, but there just is something about how they tell a story that makes me want to Make Marvel Mine.  However, I am not opposed to reading some DC, if it were the right book.

My comic shop owner Ben told me today that Harleen was his favorite book this week and that, if this was was DC Black Label would be, he was in.  I have always enjoyed Harley Quinn and I considered picking it up.

I have been very uninspired by Superman Year One, the previous DC Black Label book.  The first issue was, at best, okay, and the most recent one was below average.  This did not inspire confidence.

So when I sat down to read Book One of Harleen, I was really not sure what to expect.

This was a really great book.

A reimagining of the “love” story between Harley and Joker was at the center of the book, but it also showed how a respected young psychiatrist, slowly fell for the wrong man, that would lead her down the path of psychosis.

However, the book does not rush the story.  It slowly develops the character of Dr. Harleen Quinzel and gives us a looking inside the mind of who would become the sidekick to Joker.  She knew how the appearance of the murderous clown affected her, but she was determined to not give up on what she wanted.  Yet, maybe she did not realize exactly what it was she was wanting.

The art by Stjepan Šejić is beautiful and the cover is downright striking.  The book interweaves Harley into the world of Gotham, rubbing her shoulder with such figures as Harvey Dent, Lucius Fox and Hugo Strange.

Ben was right.  This was a really great book and I am glad that I took the time to read it.



Image result for Harleen #1

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