Strikeforce #1

Writer:  Tini Howard

Artist:  German Peralta

Cover Art:  Andrea Sorrentino & Dean White

I looked at the line-up of the new Marvel series called Strikeforce and I liked what I saw.  I have always been a fan of Jessica Drew’s Spider-Woman, Bucky Barnes’ Winter Soldier and Monica Rambeau’s Spectrum.  Angela and Blade are characters that have had their moments for me as well.

However, this issue fell flat for me.

I did not find anything in the book to be interesting after involvement of the Avengers (even though they used the feral She-Hulk, which I hate).

After the group were framed to make it look as if they had been involved in attempting to steal several vials of some of the world’s “most virulent diseases,” Blade led the whole group on a mission to fight some kind of shape shifters that can only shift into people they kidnap.

I did not like the art.  I did not like the story.  Most of the characters fell into the background of the story.   This was not a well developed team concept in the book.

It felt very much like Savage Avengers, except that Savage Avengers slowly built its roster of characters over several issues.  Venom did not show up until several issues. This feels as if they tossed the whole group together for some reason and did not worry much about any character development.

This is going to be a Marvel comic that I am going to skip happily.



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