EYG Top 10 Man in the Mirror Movies


It is time for the Top 10 once again.  This week’s show featured the Top 10 Man in the Mirror Movies.  What is that, you ask?  Well the YouTube description says the Man in the Mirror movies are “…anything where a character must interact with, face off against, deal with, etc, themselves.”  This topic is in honor of the release of Will Smith’s new film Gemini Man.

I did not know what I was going to do with this topic because the idea was unfamiliar at first.  This list actually has many of the same films that Matt and John had on theirs. I usually enjoy finding films that are not mentioned on the Top 10 Show, but this time, those were few and far between.  In fact, this list only has two films that John and Matt did not mention on the show.

Let’s get started…


Image result for 2001 a space odyssey#10.  2001: A Space Odyssey.  I actually agree with Matt on this one.  I am not a huge fan of the classic Kubric film.  It just seemed to be too much of a trip for me.  However, it definitely has its moments and I enjoy the Hal parts.  The rest feels too artsy for me.



Image result for multiplicity#9.  Multiplicity.  The comedy starring Michael Keaton and his group of clones that were originally made to help him.  However, like all clones, their existence causes trouble.  The film was directed by Harold Ramis.  I have not seen this in quite a few years but I do remember enjoying this.



Image result for back to the future 2#8.  Back to the Future Part II.  The middle of the trilogy of the Back to the Future franchise is typically the film that most people dislike the most.  I like it much more than most.  I put it behind the original and ahead of the western one.  I loved the use of time travel in this film and the explanation is one that I generally use.  The darkness of the film brought a new feel to the Back to the Future films and I felt that it worked well.


Image result for moon movie#7.  Moon.  The film with Sam Rockwell is a wonderful film with a great performance from Rockwell.  Rockwell is on a station on the moon, getting ready to go home back to the earth.  However, he would not be heading back to earth because he was facing a personal crisis.   The shock here was quite a shock and I am not spoiling it.  Duncan Jones was the director and Sam Rockwell gave one of his best performances.


Image result for x men days of future past xavier with himself#6.  X-Men: Days of Future Past.  One of the best X-Men movies that featured two Charles Xaviers.  Sir Patrick Stewart and James McAvoy brought both versions of their character- Charles Xavier- to the film.  McAvoy was exceptional here as he always seems to be.  This film deals with time travel and trying to create a better timeline for the X-Men.  Of course, they have a much better timeline now… the MCU.  This film was good, though.


Image result for meet the robinsons#5.  Meet the Robinsons.  This is the second of the two films that John and Matt did not talk about.  This animated film sees a young boy in an orphanage who is trying to build an invention to help him find his mother who left him at the orphanage as a baby.  This film also involved a time travel story and the young boy winds up in the future.  It is a lot of fun and, although somewhat predictable, has a great line about a T-Rex’s short arms and giant head.  And Adam West voices a character.  Lots of fun.


Image result for star trek 2009#4.  Star Trek (2009).  The reboot of the Star Trek universe from the mind of J.J. Abrams was a great success and led to several sequels.  The cast of this film really hit a home run.  If the cast did not hit a home run, this movie would never have been successful.  Chris Pine as Kirk, Zachary Quinto as Spock, Karl Urban as Bones, Zoe Saldana as Uhura were all so great.  And we had the face off between Quinto and Leonard Nemoy as the older Spock.  I enjoyed the new Star Trek.  Many of the fans claimed that it was not a Star Trek movie.  I thought it was great.


Image result for looper#3.  Looper.  Joseph Gordon-Levitt is Joe, a hitman called a looper, who would go back in time and kill someone for the mob.  However, when someone wants to close the loop, they send another person to kill the looper.  In this case, they sent Bruce Willis, who is the future version of Joe.  Looper is one of the most creative uses of time travel and the performances of Willis and Gordon-Levitt are awesome.  Even better is the performance of the child actor named Pierce Gagnon who was absolutely tremendous.  Emily Blunt is here and great too.  Looper really was a great movie.


Image result for Logan#2.  Logan.  The final Wolverine movie is so fantastic and Logan has to face the clone of himself, the feral version.  There is so much emotion in Logan that it is one of the best comic book movies of all time.  Patrick Stewart should have won an Academy Award for his performance as Charles Xavier.  The ending has never failed to bring tears to my eyes.


Image result for avengers endgame nebula#1. Avengers: Endgame.  Yes, there was the great “that is America’s ass” line from Chris Evans, but even more than the Cap vs. Cap fight, we got current Nebula and the past Nebula.  We got to see exactly what the development of the character of Thanos’s oft-abused daughter has been.  When she had to face off with her old self, we see such powerhouse acting.  Seriously, Karen Gillan gives one of the best performances in the movie.  It is just one more reason why this is such a tremendous movie.  I love Endgame so much.




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