Black and Blue

Black and Blue Movie Poster

Black and Blue is the new film featuring Naomie Harris and Tyrese Gibson that tells the story of corruption on the police force.

Sure there are dozens of films that tell that story so what about Black and Blue that is different?  Well…not that much to be honest.  They toss some racial tension into the concept, but truly the racial tension could have been left out and not that much would have changed.

Alicia West (Naomie Harris) is a rookie police officer who covered a shift for her partner and wound up with a group of crooked police officers who execute some drug dealers.  West records the murder on her body cam and suddenly, she is being chased by police and the drug dealers all at once.

She winds up at the doorstep of Milo Jackson (Tyrese Gibson), a local community member, and she talks him into helping her.  She is desperate to get the body cam to the station.

Frank Grillo played Terry Malone, one of the crooked cops and he really was solid.  Naomie Harris worked her tail off for this script.  The performances are all decent.

It was hard for me to see Mike Colter as a drug dealer instead of Luke Cage, but that is my problem, not the film’s.

Unfortunately, the script is predictable and there are a lot of ridiculous moments.  Some that are downright stupid.  Some scenes that would never be able to happen in the real world.  However, there are some moments that are very tense as well, building some decent anxiety.

Despite the film’s flaws. I was engaged in the film.  The performances helped make up for the weakness and implausibility of the story.   I left the theater feeling pleased about the film overall.

3 stars



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