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I thought this sounded like the stupidest idea that I ever heard.

In the end, it was better than I thought it was going to be, but it was no where near good.

There was an app that anyone could download on their phone that would tell the user when they were going to die.  It seemed to be a fun little joke of an app, but, after a few people started to die exactly when the timer reached zero, it became obvious that there was more to the app than just a joke.

The characters of the film were not the major focus of the film.  Honestly, most of them were fairly slightly created.  Our main protagonist was Quinn (Elizabeth Lail) and she had the most development of the film.  Even still, I am struggling to remember much about her.  Her mother died and she blamed herself, but that was only really used when the plot felt as if it needed it.  She had a sister (Anne Winters) who seemed to be at odds with her, until the story needed her not to be.  There was another guy that we meet who is also getting ready to have their countdown reach zero named Matt (Jordan Calloway) and he was here and then gone.

There were some really dumb things that happened too.  None of the deaths that were shown were very interesting.

There were a couple of fun side characters here.  Derek the Phone Store Guy (Tom Segura) and the Priest, Father John (P.J. Byrne)  who seemed to be geeked out by the chance to deal with demons both stole show, mainly because they had character.  Everyone else was so uninspiring.

Still, I did not hate this movie and I found myself reasonably entertained.  It is not like I wanted to walk out after twenty minutes.  It is not good, and I will not be recommending it, but, for as awful as that concept could have been, this was better than it had a right to be.

2.6 stars


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