The Immortal Hulk #25


The Immortal Hulk #25

Writer:  Al Ewing

Artist:  German Garcia

Cover Art:  Alex Ross


Okay, this was the strangest issue that I have seen of any comic in a long time.

Honestly, what I was thinking the whole time while reading this book was how much the story was like the comedic poem, Hungry Mungry, written by EYG Hall of Famer Shel Silverstein.

Cause nothin’ was nothin’ was
Nothin’ was nothin’ was
Nothin’ was left to eat.

Outside of that critique, as I told the owner of my comic shop, I do not think I am smart enough to really know what was happening here.

And the guest cameo on the last page… it really blew my mind.

I was worried that, because of the way the story was going, that this might be the final issue of The Immortal Hulk and that would have been terrible.  I love this series very much and I am very glad to see the advertisement for next issue at the back.

The thing is.. this felt like a series ending issue.  Glad it is continuing because this has been, perhaps, the best comic Marvel has put out this year.  It is, at the very least, in the argument.

The cover by Alex Ross is as gorgeous as any covers that I have seen this year.

This was an amazing issue, I think.  It was clearly psychedelic.




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