The Amazing Mary Jane#1

The Amazing Mary Jane #1

Writer:  Leah Williams

Artist:  Carlos Gomez

Cover Art:  Humberto Ramos & Edgar Delgado

I had some doubt about Mary Jane Watson getting her own series, albeit a limited series, but I really enjoyed issue one of The Amazing Mary Jane.  Matching her up with Quentin Beck’s Mysterio is an intriguing choice and I am looking forward to see how it progresses.

I can hear some people complaining about MJ sticking with the film after discovering that it was Beck behind it, but I found it all made plenty of sense.  I am fascinated to see what Mysterio will do.  Will he slip back into his evil ways or will he be able to contain his more negative characteristics.

I also enjoyed the meta-type storytelling.  With the idea that MJ is making a movie, they can play with the story all they like.  And having the movie be about Mysterio and his “real-life” situation is a stroke of genius.

I especially loved the interaction between MJ and Peter on the phone.  This is a relationship that I loved when I was young and have missed over the years since they were broken apart.  I certainly hope the new secret will not cause a problem.  Peter has been known to keep a secret or two in his life.

The twenty-second dance party was as charming as anything I have seen in quite a while.

Excited to see where this goes.  Nervous about the villains on their way.


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