Undiscovered Country #1

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Undiscovered Country #1

Writers:  Scott Snyder & Charles Soule

Artists Giuseppe Camunicoli & Daniele Orlandini

Cover Art:  Giuseppe Camunicoli

I was forced to buy this comic.

Todd, my friend who works at my comic shop, basically told me that I had to read this book.  I said…”It’s Image.”  Todd knows my Marvel bias and has been actively attempting to expand my horizons recently.

He tried to even get me to sit down at the shop and read the book.  I love sitting at the shop on Wednesdays and reading the new comics, but my time was limited tonight.  He said…it would only take me about 10 minutes.

Actually… it was 20 minutes.  I timed it.

Then Todd said that I had to read it tonight or tomorrow and do a post about it.  Todd, a former teacher, was assigning me homework.  I had to laugh.

So, I read it.  And now I am writing my review.

This was fantastic.

I was fully engaged with this book.  I was interested in the setting. The entire subplot of this mysterious Sky virus (maybe not the best name I have ever heard) was grabbing.  The arrival in the United States of America, but a USA that is totally different makes you wonder what has happened.  The characters, though still in the early part of development, are interesting enough to want to know more about them and the art is beautiful.

Written by Scott Snyder (Batman, American Vampire) and Charles Soule (Star Wars, Death of Wolverine, Daredevil), Undiscovered Country has all kinds of mysteries and unknown plot points and is extremely compelling.

I guess I owe Todd a thank you.  I guess I am buying an Image Comic.

I see online where second printings are already being ordered so if you want a copy, you had better get going because I do not think it will last too long.


Image result for undiscovered country #1




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