Charlie’s Angles (2019)

Charlie's Angels Movie Poster

Charlie’s Angels has been around since the 1970s in one form or another.  The most recent version has arrived in the theaters from director Elizabeth Banks.

Unfortunately, I found the new version, with a few exceptions, to be dull and repetitive.  I was not interested in the story and I was surprised how unimpressive I found the performance of Patrick Stewart.

The Angels themselves were the best part of the movie.  Kristen Stewart, especially, was one of the more entertaining aspects of the film.  Naomi Scott and Ella Balinska were nice additions to the Angels and the three of them worked well together.  However, the writing and the dialogue had too many cringe-worthy moments.

I thought Patrick Stewart, who I almost always love, was just phoning this performance in here.  As one of the Bosleys, Stewart was uninspiring and disappointing.  A far drop off from the brilliance of his performance as Charles Xavier in Logan.

Some of the action in the final act was fine, and I did like how they took the decades of Angles lore into account in the new film, but I just did not find much more engaging.

2 stars

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