Last Christmas

Emma Thompson, Michelle Yeoh, Anna Calder-Marshall, Patti LuPone, George Michael, Peter Mygind, Sue Perkins, Peter Serafinowicz, Pierre Bergman, Madison Ingoldsby, Kimberly Collison, Wham!, Michael Matovski, Lydia Leonard, Amit Shah, Ansu Kabia, Ingrid Oliver, Rebecca Root, Maxim Baldry, Karol Steele, Laura Evelyn, Jade Anouka, Margaret Clunie, Joelle Koissi, Emilia Clarke, Liran Nathan, David Mumeni, Laila Alj, Martyn Mayger, Joanna Zwierzynska, Nichola Jean Mazur, Ritu Arya, Bryony Kimmings, Michael Addo, Henry Golding, George Glasgow, Helena Holmes, Jassie Mortimer, Joakim Skarli, Prince Marfo, David Cradduck, Fabien Frankel, Rene Costa, Davina Sitaram, Jacqueline Ramnarine, Ning Lu, Mario Romano, Kelvin Hewlett, Daniel Maya, and Ruth Horrocks in Last Christmas (2019)

I ignored this movie the first week it was out.  I caught up with it this week and I have to say that I did not dislike it as much as I thought I would.  However, there are a couple of major issues with it that really make me uneasy about recommending it.

Emilia Clarke plays Katrina (or Kate as she insists), a young woman with a bad attitude that acts extremely selfish.  Her attitude has pushed her family away and has made her depressed with her life.

When she meets Tom (Henry Golding), an unassuming and kind man, she begins to fall for him, but he is very mysterious, disappearing for several days at a time.

I did enjoy some parts of the film. I thought Emilia Clarke was good as Kate and I thought a bunch of the secondary characters were original and well used.  There may have been too many side plots with these characters, but they were definitely intriguing.

I said that there were some major problems that kept me from fully engaging in this movie.  The biggest problem was that I knew what the big “turn” in the film was going to be back when I saw the trailer.  I kept watching the film, looking at each scene trying to see a place where I would be wrong, but, with each scene, I was even more sure I knew what was happening.  And, of course, I was right.  It is a bad sign when I can see the twist coming in the trailers (and that is without the trailers giving away too much as they sometimes do).

Then, why does this film have such a connection to the music of George Michael?  We get a ton of George Michael songs and Wham songs, whether they make sense with the story or not.  I know Last Christmas is a Wham song (although I do not think I had ever heard it before today) but why does that mean we need “Freedom!” or “Faith.”  I found all the George Michael distracting.

Directed by Paul Feig, Last Christmas was co-written by Emma Thompson, who also appeared as Katrina’s mother, Petra.

I am very split on this movie.  It was better than I expected it to be, but the problems with the movie prevented me from enjoying it fully.  I am on the fence with this.

2.9 stars

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