Frozen (2013)

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My Disney Plus Binge continues and this gave me an opportunity to rewatch something I have only seen once, in the theaters, before the sequel comes out this coming weekend.

I saw Frozen just the one time in the theater and it was not my favorite experience.  I was not a huge fan of the movie, but I disliked the situation much more.  I was in a sold-out theater crammed full of little kids making things remarkably uncomfortable.  There are times when an uncomfortable viewing experience can affect the perception of a movie.  I know I had terrible situation all around me watching The Croods and I disliked that movie.  When I watched Dunkirk, I did not like the film because of how the sound made me feel physically.

So I pulled up Frozen on Disney Plus, since Frozen 2 is out this weekend, and watched it. I have to say, I still did not find it that great.  I did like the parts with Elsa and the conclusion was decent, but much of the dialogue felt immature and there was not a lot of depth to the story.

I especially liked how the trope of true love’s kiss is twisted here, avoiding the typical cliche that goes along with many of these fairy tales.  That ending with Anna saving Elsa was an awesome switch on the trope.

The music is a mixed bag.  While I find “Let it Go” to be a top notch song, much of the remainder of the soundtrack is forgettable.

The third act was pretty solid, but the first couple of acts were considerably weaker.  In retrospect, this felt like a film that would do a pretty good job of building a world and creating characters for the next movie.  Maybe Frozen 2 will really be a knock out.


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