The Knight Before Christmas

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Netflix continues to provide a manner of movies on their streaming service and there are some big name ones coming very soon (The Irishman, Marriage Story etc).  Before these come out though, I wanted to finish up one I started this past weekend.

The Knight Before Christmas is a silly Christmas story that has some charm and is actually fairly easy to watch.  I expected it to be really bad, and if surely is not a great movie, but for what it is, The Knight Before Christmas is a decent holiday film.

A knight from the 14th century named Sir Cole (John Whitehouse) is magically transported into the future where he meets a woman Brooke (Vanessa Hudgens) in an effort to find his true Knight’s quest.

The “fish out of water” theme is in full display in this movie as Cole attempts to find his quest among the modern day conveniences of the 21st century.  He handles the changes remarkably well… even the magic box (TV) and “Lady Alexa Play” (Alexa).

Both John Whitehouse and Vanessa Hudgens are likable enough for the roles that they are playing here.  This is absolutely just a feel good Christmas movie, but there are times for films like that.

If you are looking for a nice little rom com about a knight around Christmas time, The Knight Before Christmas is a harmless way to spend an hour and a half.

3 stars

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