Family Tree #1

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Family Tree #1

Writer:  Jeff Lemire

Artist:  Phil Hester

Cover Art:  Phil Hester

I have been expanding beyond my safety zone with Marvel Comics on a pretty regular basis and this week add another Image comic.  And this time, I cannot even blame the comic shop workers/owner who have been pushing me towards some of the really great work being done in other companies.  Because of them, I have purchased (or am currently in the process of purchasing) The Undiscovered Country, Something is Killing the Children, Harleen, Batman/Superman, Sea of Stars, and Far Sector.  The problem is that this week, I cannot blame Todd or Ben for this.  This one is all on me.

I spotted the new number one from Image Comics, Family Tree #1 and the cover looked interesting, but really drew me in was seeing Jeff Lemire’s name on the cover as the writer.  Lemire is quickly becoming one of my favorite writers and it was enough for me to give this a chance.

Once I read the issue, it was a fascinating start, with language that implies this will be a apocalyptic world because of some disease that causes the victim to sprout branches and leaves from their bodies.  The issue focuses on one family and leaves us with quite the crazy cliffhanger.

I enjoyed the energy of the book and the art, by Phil Hester, was beautiful and heart wrenching at the same time.  It brought together quite the feel of helplessness as well as the feel of darkness.

It left me wondering exactly what was going on and I wanted to see more.  That is always the key for a number one.

Who would have guessed that there were so many good books outside of Marvel?


Image result for family tree #1 Image


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