CW Crisis on Infinite Earths

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It has been a long time since I watched The Flash on the CW.  The seasons got too long for me and the episodes felt as if they were all the same.

As the Arrowverse shows continued to grow, I never got into them any more than the little bit of The Flash that I watched.

However, the crossover of CW shows, Crisis on Infinite Earths, based on one of the greatest maxi-series in the history of DC Comics, got my attention.

It started tonight on Supergirl and I was excited to watch.  I must say that there were plenty of things that I was trying to decipher, since I am not a regular viewer of these shows.  I do have more background knowledge of DC Comics than most other viewers so I am recognizing the names and guessing how they fit together.  I can imagine this is like those people who had not watched the entire MCU films but only watched Infinity War and Endgame.

Green Arrow’s death at the end of the first hour of the crossover was a surprise, but I know this is the final season of that show so it is not totally shocking.  Honestly, the death was a bit cheesy to me.  I am still waiting to see if that death sticks because, you know, it is a comic book show.

There were some cool cameos, including Burt Ward from Batman ’66 on one of the earths.  “Holy crimson skies of death!”   We saw Robert Wuhl as Alexander Knox from 1989’s Batman.

There was a nice homage to Superman: The Movie too, but that one felt like a throwaway part considering there was no other reason for it.  Baby Jonathan was sent off by his parents Clark and Lois in his own little rocket ship (they also used the same dialogue from the movie) but it turned out to be an unimportant twist (at least at this point).

We see the Monitor, Harbinger and Pariah, all faces that the shows have had before.

I kind of enjoyed the little bit I got of Batwoman.

I thought this was a lot of fun and I am looking forward to seeing the rest of the story.

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