Top 30 Schmoedown Matches 2019

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The magic season.

This was, perhaps, the most difficult list that I have compiled yet.  The Movie Trivia Schmoedown was just amazing this season.  There were so many awesome matches from the first live event in New York to the Schmoedown Spectacular IV.

By the way… this post will contain SPOILERS for the Spectacular so be warned.

So literally, from 7 or 8 to 20 or so, any of these could be interchangeable.  There were so many great matches in all of the leagues.  It was amazing.

This will be my top 30 matches of 2019.  You may disagree and that is perfectly fine.  With this many great matches, you probably have an argument.

Some of these are matches because of entertainment value (like #30) and some of them are here because of exciting play.

#30.  Robert Meyer Burnett defeated Tom Dagnino 7-5, June 21

#29.  The Wildberries defeated Late to the Party, 30-26.  Sept. 20

#28.  Paul Oyama defeated Jeff Sneider, 16-15 sudden death.  Championship match Sept. 6

#27.  Inky & the Brain defeated Movie Guys, 24-23.  April 4th

#26.  John Rocha defeated Marc Andreyko, 19-17.  March 22

#25.  William Bibbiani defeated Ethan Erwin, 25-20.  Tournament.  Oct. 11

#24.  Tom Dagnino defeated Emma Fyffe & Kaiser.  Draft Bowl.  Oct 25

#23.  Chandru Dhandapani defeated Brandon Hanna.  21-20.  Oct. 24

#22.  Founding Fathers defeated KOrruption, 33-31.  Won Team Titles.  Oct. 25

#21.  William Bibbiani defeated Chance Ellison, 25-21.  Tournament.  Sept. 20

#20.  Time Machine defeated The Paddington Two, 33-32 Sudden Death.

#19.  Loony Bin defeated Self-Righteous Brothers, 33-31 Tournament.  Nov. 21

#18.  Odd Couple defeated Shirewolves 25-22 to win Team Titles.  May 31

#17.  Mike Kalinowski defeated Rachel Cushing, 26-25 for the Innergeekdom title.  July 26

#16.  John Rocha defeated Mike Kalinowski, 15-14.  Tournament. Oct. 10

#15.  Odd Couple defeated Who’s the Boss, 27-26.  #1 Contender Match.  April 18.

#14.  Shazam defeated the Odd Couple, 36-33.  Tournament.  Nov. 29

#13.  The Family defeated The Paddington Two, 32-31.  Tournament.  November 26.

#12.  Shirewolves defeated Critically Acclaimed, 35-33.  Defended Team titles.  March 21

#11.  Shazam defeated The Movie Guys, 32-30, tournament.  Nov. 14

#10.  Kevin Smets defeated Chandru Dhandapani, 28-24.  #1 Contender Match for IG Title.  Nov. 1

#9.  William Bibbiani defeated Ethan Erwin & John Rocha in #1 Contender Triple Threat.  April 12

#8.  Loony Bin defeated Time Machine, 32-31. Tournament.  Nov. 28

#7.  Founding Fathers defeated Shazam, 31-30 to defend Team Titles.  Dec. 7

#6.  KOrruption defeated The Founding Fathers, 32-30 #1 Contender Match.  July 15

#5.  KOrruption defeated Shirewolves, 36-32 to win Team titles.  Shirewolves retire.  August 29.

#4.  Mike Kalinowski defeated Kevin Smets, 26-21 in #1 Contender match.  June 28.

#3.  Shirewolves defeated Odd Couple, 33-30 and won Team titles.  June 28

#2.  Dan Murrell defeated Ethan Erwin 25-23 to win Single Championship, Feb. 1

#1.  Rachel Cushing defeated Mike Kalinowski, 31-30 in Sudden Death.  Wins Innergeekdom championship.  March 1.



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