6 Underground

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I saw this on Netflix and I was intrigued.  I like Ryan Reynolds a lot.  Then I saw the director:  Michael Bay.

Now, I am not a Michael Bay hater, per se.  I mean, yes I hated the Transformers movies and there are other Bay movies that I disliked, but I also liked Pain & Gain, 13 Hours and The Rock.  So there is that.

6 Underground is THE MOST Michael Bay movie I have ever seen.  That may or may not be a good thing depending on who you are.  For me, it was definitely NOT a good thing..

What did it include?

Explosions ✔

Slow Motion ✔

Car Chases ✔

Explosions ✔

Montages with bad rock music ✔

Pop Culture references ✔

Explosions ✔

Needless shots of beautiful (usually scantily clad) women ✔

Explosions ✔

I checked out on this one very early.  I was bored.  Not even Ryan Reynolds’ charm could save this turd.

When it first came on screen, Reynolds said that he was a ghost and the ghost has one superpower, which was to haunt the living.  And I thought this was going to be the literal story.  I thought, “Hm, what a strange and intriguing idea.  Maybe RIPD with a better story or execution?”

Nope.  They meant “ghost” as a person who fakes their death to drop off the radar and then become a mercenary.  Suddenly much less interesting, but I gave it a chance.

The dialogue was terrible.  Nobody really talks like that.  None of the characters stood, with the possible exception of Corey Hawkins as Seven.  The rest are cliches and underwritten stereotypes.

I really should have watched The Mandalorian instead.  Michael Bay fans may love this.  I hope they do.

1 star



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