EYG Best Movies of the Decade #80-71



Continuing the countdown of the list of EYG’s choices for the Top 100 films of the decade.  We are moving into the 70s.

Image result for looper#80.  Looper.  Time travel with Bruce Willis facing off with a younger version of himself in Joseph Gordon-Levitt.  There is a tremendous child performance from Pierce Gagnon as Cid.

#79.  Django Unchained.  The first Tarantino movie on the list with a fantastic cast. The film tells all about a former slave Django who is freed and turns into a bounty hunter.  It has all of Quentin’s typical violence and bloodshed, but is full of brilliant writing and characterization as well.

#78.  Chronicle.  Josh Trank took the found footage genre and turned it on its ear with the inclusion of a super powered origin story.  Chronicle was strengthened with some of the earliest appearances from Dane DeHaan and Michael B. Jordan.

That was three consecutive films from 2012.  Good year I guess.

Image result for the big sick#77. The Big Sick.  An amazing comedy that stars Kumail Nanjiani in the story of his relationship with Emily, who gets terribly sick.  Kumail has to hang with her parents, played by Ray Romano and Holly Hunter.  It is loosely based on their true story and it is hilarious.

#76.  Get Out.  It is a brilliant horror/thriller from the mind of Jordan Peele.  Peele, who has been in the comedy group Key and Peele, debuted as the director of this movie and showed tremendous skill.  He was able to blend the racial relations with a scary as hell movie that had its share of laughs.  This one came out of nowhere to be a huge hit.

#75.  Moonrise Kingdom.  Paul Anderson’s film with Bill Murray, Bruce Willis and Edward Norton that shows us the beginning of young love for two oddball kids who have runaway to be together.

Image result for the martian#74.  The Martian.  Hey Golden Globes… this ain’t no comedy!  The Martian shows us how Matt Damon survives after he gets stranded on the planet of Mars.  Then we hope for his rescue from the earth.  Ha  Ha Ha

#73.  Kingsman:  The Secret Service.  The first of a series based on a comic book, The Kingsmen is produced by Matthew Vaughn.  It is a spy thriller featuring Taron Egerton and Colin Firth as Kingsmen trying to prevent Sam Jackson from taking over the world.  You will never think about Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Freebird the same ever again.

#72.  Paddington.  No way this film makes this list.  I expected this to be so bad and yet it was as charming and warm-hearted as any movie you could see.  Paddington inspired a great sequel as well.

Image result for xmen first class cameo#71.  X-Men: First Class.  As this was announced, I had no interest in any more X-Men.  X-Men Origins: Wolverine had burned me enough as had X-Men 3.  However, with some amazing casting (such as James McAvoy as Charles Xavier and Michael Fassbender as Magneto) and a cool idea of placing this in the 1960s (during the Cuban Missile Crisis to be exact) and having one of the best cameos of all time (from Hugh Jackman), First Class put the mutants back on the right track.


Next up:  70-61

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