Best and Worst Villains of 2019

Villains are so important.  If you want your hero to stand out, you need to have a great antagonist.  Here are the best and worst of each for 2019.

BEST Villains

#5.  Pennywise.

#4.  Carnage

#3.  Thanos

#2.  Mysterio

#1.  Joker

Image result for joker

Joker made over 1 Billion dollars at the box office.  He carried his own movie with a great performance from Joaquin Phoenix.  Jake Gyllenhaal’s Mysterio from Spider-man: Far From Home was fantastic, but just could not reach the levels of Joker.  Thanos was in the largest money making movie of all time, but he was more important last year.  Carnage was featured in his own major Marvel crossover.  Finally, Pennywise could have been higher had It Chapter Two been better.  Pennywise was not an issue with that movie.


WORST Villain

#5.  Jean Grey (Dark Phoenix)

#4.  Charlie Peck (The Intruder)

#3.  Bosley (Charlie’s Angels)

#2.  Smith (Dark Phoenix)

#1.  Mexican Drug Cartel (Rambo:  Last Blood)

Image result for Mexican mob in Rambo

The Mexican Drug cartel in was as weak as could be.  They were totally one-dimensional and interchangeable.  The movie Dark Phoenix brought us two weak villains, not only title character Jean Grey but Jessica Chastain’s character… Smith, I guess (that is what IMDB says).  Patrick Stewart phoned in his performance as Bosley in the new Charlie’s Angels movie.  The Intruder was one of those movies that spoiled itself in the trailer.

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