The Avengers: Endgame Ensemble Cast of the Year Award 2019

This award is brand new this year. 


I wonder….

Is the title of this award…a SPOILER?


Winner of the first ever Avengers: Endgame Ensemble Cast of the Year Award is….

Avengers: Endgame!

Image result for Avengers endgame final battle

Of course.

I mean… duh.  It is literally the name of the brand new award.

And this is reasonable too.  There were so many great moments in the film.  Robert Downey Jr throughout.  Chris Evans and his story wrap-up for Cap.  How about Chris Hemsworth’s amazing portrayal of a Norse God fighting depression/PTSD?  Scarlett Johansson and her sacrifice.  Jeremy Renner was strong in all his scenes.  Karen Gillian gets overlooked a lot but she brought so much depth to Nebula.  Paul Rudd showed all kind of range, from comedic to downright frightened.  Gwyneth Paltrow’s good bye to Tony Stark was note perfect.  There were so many actors in this ensemble yet they all seemed to have their moments.  Especially the OG Avengers.

There were some other great ensemble casts this year too.

Runners-UpKnives Out, The Favorite, Parasite, Hotel Mumbai, Good Boys, Kid Who Would Be King, Bombshell, Little Women, Ready or Not, The Dead Don’t Die.

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