Best and Worst Sci-Fi 2019

Best Sci Fi

As I said in my earlier review, I needed some more sci-fi movies to complete my list this year.  I have seen a couple of extras..will they make the list?

A couple of rules.  I do not include super hero movies in the sci-fi category, even though they could be arguably included.  There is enough places for those.  I also typically leave out Star Wars movies because, again arguably, they are not science fiction.

Previous Winners:  Upgrade, Blade Runner 2049, Arrival, The Martian, Ex Machina, Star Trek Into Darkness, Edge of Tomorrow

Moving on with the list….

BEST Sci-Fi of 2019

#1.  Freaks.  One of the new films not only makes the list, but tops it.  This was quite the trip and was filled with drama and intensity.

Image result for movie freaks 2019

#2.  Fast Color

#3.  I Am Mother

#4.  Ad Astra

#5.  Detective Pikachu

#1-3 on this list are films that most people probably never heard of, which is cool.  Go search them out because they are really great.  I was a tad bored in parts of Ad Astra but it looked spectacular. Detective Pikachu boasted a top notch performance from Ryan Reynolds.

WORST Sci-Fi of 2019

#1. Replicas.  Ah Keanu… what have you done?  This was an easy choice as this is one of the worst films of the year…not just sci-fi films.

Image result for replicas

#2.  Hellboy

#3.  Gemini Man

#4.  MIB International

#5.  Don’t Let Go

Does including Hellboy break my superhero rule?  Maybe, but it was so bad that I am willing to look the other way.  Gemini Man and MIB International were very disappointing, both wasting concepts that could have been excellent.  Don’t Let Go was weird and yet predictable.  Terminator: Dark Fate would have been at #6 had this list continued so I would toss it a dishonorable mention.


Best Sci Fi

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